Three Deep

Three Deep consists of three smooth jazz artists combining their talents to a collaborative project. Three deep consists of Russ Brannon guitarist, Billy Shields keyboardist and Preston Glass producer and musician. The idea for this group came about in a jazz club in Sarasota Florida where Russ was sitting in with Billy’s band. Being simpatico as musicians, the idea for a collaborative project began to gel. Working with Preston Glass on other projects, Billy felt that Preston should join in this project, and felt he could bring something new to the mix. The group hopes it can make a impact on the smooth jazz scene with a fresh sound, and each being a strong writer.




To Know You Is To Love You (Syreeta, Wonder)
What's Going On (Gaye/Benson/Cleveland)
Bluvis Groovis (R. Brannon)
Almost There (Brannon/Glass)
Icarus (R. Towner)
School Day (R. Brannon)
Common Ground (R. Brannon)
Have It Anyway You Want It (Brannon/Glass/Aten)
Checkmate (B. Shields)

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