Into the Light

Smooth Jazz Guitar, great ensemble work, the musicality we crave, the grooves we love, along with sax and keyboard virtuosity make the foundation of Into The Light. Add to that, four amazing vocal performances by outstanding artists sprinkled through seven rich instrumentals by Russ Brannon.

Don't miss the quintessential duet performance of That Lucky Old Sun by Russ and Dutch Robinson(Ohio Players) or the To Comfort You written by the great Ian Thomas and sung by Clary Croft.




1 .Fun Stuff (Russ Brannon)
2. Side Slippin' (Russ Brannon)
3. Grey Day (Russ Brannon)
4. Waltz for Darah (Russ Brannon)
5. Tartufo (Russ Brannon)
6. Into The Light(Russ Brannon)
7. How Long (Russ Brannon)
8. Shay Shay (Russ Brannon)
9. To Comfort You (Ian Thomas)
10. Journey (Russ Brannon)
11. Lucky Old Son

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