From Here to There

Smooth Jazz ranging in temperature from cool/introspective to just "off a boil". If you like your music played by great players in studio performance, with real passion, you will love From Here To There. Featuring Guitar, Sax, and Keyboards over infectious grooves and harmonically rich compositions. Expect a range of emotion through the core of, and to the boundaries of Smooth Jazz with visits to New Age and World Music. I've been there, you've been there. Let's go from here to there together. We'll wander we'll dance, we'll laugh, we'll cry.... Listen -its time to go From Here To There.



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1 .Road to San Miguel (Russ Brannon)
2. Common Ground (Russ Brannon)
3. Bluvis Groovis (Russ Brannon)
4. On Windmill Road (Russ Brannon)
5. Waditelya (Russ Brannon)
6. Latin Highway (Russ Brannon)
7. Sunday Drive (Russ Brannon)
8. Jane's Song (Russ Brannon)
9. Almost There (Russ Brannon)
10. Porto Bello Road (Russ Brannon)
11. Free Flight (Russ Brannon)

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